Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy medicine modality. It cleanses the body’s auric or energetic field of negative/old prana (energy) and then puts fresh, clean prana into the field. This is accomplished by the practioner using a sweeping or scooping motion around the auric field (4-8 inches from the physical body) and disposing of it in a bioplasmic waste disposal unit (salt and water). The practitioner then uses their hands to direct clean prana into the auric field. The premise is that things manifest in the energetic field before they manifest in the physical body.

The BioMat is a non-invasive product that utilizes Far Infrared heat, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline Crystals in the form of a heating pad. Far infrared is heat much like the band of the sun’s energy. It is the same heat source used in hospitals to keep preemie babies warm. It is closely in tune with your body’s own energy. The BioMat often allows for greater relaxation, healing and relief. Amethyst and Black Tourmaline are crystals that are reputed to possess many healing properties. Amethyst is known specifically to aid in the opening of the third eye, provide mental clarity, relaxation and detoxification.

I encourage you to learn more about Pranic Healing and The BioMat by researching on the internet. I have listed two sites to aid you, but please feel free to conduct your own research as it best serves you.

My Energy Work Methodology:

I use a blended method of energy work incorporating:

  1. Basic Pranic Healing
  2. The Bio-Mat
  3. Hand held Lemurian, Selenite and Clear Quartz Crystals (they are known to remove blockages and assist with healing).
  4. Other crystals may be utilized in Chakra Work
  5. The pendulum to help me pinpoint areas that may need extra attention
  6. My hands to scan the body to determine what “feels” different
  7. Aromatherapy using Essential Oils
  8. The use of Binaural Beats Meditation - listened to through a headset - allows for deeper relaxation
  9. I am also open psychically while performing this work. The information comes in bits and bytes (short reading). I will share any information that comes up at the end of the session verbally. You will also receive my written notes to take with you. 

This is all done without touching your physical body 

What to expect during and after the session:

During the process most clients experience relaxation and peacefulness. An emotional release of some sort is not uncommon.

After your session you are encouraged to drink water to rehydrate and renew. Many people say they ”just feel better”, more open, or that a problem area is not as severe and in some cases has been alleviated after a session. I highly recommend Louise Hay’s Book – You Can Heal Your Life. There are excellent affirmations in the book for working on specific issues.

 Sooooo what is a focused Healing Session?

A focused healing session is in one in which a specific that you identify receives "directed healing". For instance, you may have an issue/injury to your knee or your back. This area is targeted to receive energy to help alleviate the issue. These sessions are 30 minutes in duration at a rate of $90.00. Emotional concerns can also be targeted.

Please remember it is you, your body and Divinity that does any healing that occurs. My methods are only the medium or pathway to facilitating that. This is why I call what I do Energy Work, as I am only working to assist. There are no guaranteed results to my method. Energy work is not a replacement for the advice or care of a medical physician. It is a complimentary modality.

NOTE: Remote Healing sessions can be done as well. Please inquire. 

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in a session soon! Peace and light…